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                关于我们(About Us)



                ????????公司主要产品有飞织鞋面压光机,多功能贴合机,燃油、燃气、 电加热、生物质本粒蒸汽发生器,大、中、小型预缩机定型机,真 空吸风烫台、高速倒毛机,自动对边卷布验收机,产品广泛用于飞 织鞋面、贾卡、经编、服装后整理,化工、造纸、食品加工及学校、 宾馆、医院等企业,产品外观新颖,质量保证,产品销售全国各地 及东南亚等地区。
                ????????公司一直以来秉承"以人为本"的经营理念,在"不断创新 "的基础∴上坚持"管理为为根、质量为本、创新为道、服务为路"的方 针,使我们在同行卐中深受青睐,随着市场占有率和知名度的不断打 大,我公司对提出"走品牌发展之路,打造行业标杆"的战略目标, 致力于提高产品的先进性,结构的合理性和节能环保型,将紧贴国 际业界的新技术【、新工艺、不断向市场研制推出符合用户所需的设 备,我们们将以质量◤的产品,专业的服务,与国内外客户携手合作 共创辉煌。


                        Quanzhou Yingbang Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2008, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shishi, Quanzhou, is a set of research and development, production and sales of shoes and clothing equipment business.

                        The company's main products are flying weaving vamp calender, multi-functional lamination machine, fuel oil, gas, electric heating, biomass pellet steam generator, large, medium and small size pre-shrinking machine molding machine, vacuum suction ironing table, high-speed hair removal machine Automatic check and accept machine for edge winding cloth, products are widely used in flying, weaving vamp, Jaqua, warp knitting, garment finishing, chemical industry, paper making, food processing and enterprises such as schools, hotels, hospitals, etc. Product sales throughout the country, and Southeast Asia and other regions.

                        The company has been adhering to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, on the basis of "continuous innovation" adhere to the "management-based, quality-based, innovation-oriented, service-oriented" approach, so that we are deeply favored in the peer With the increasing market share and popularity, our company's strategic goal of "taking the road of brand development and building industry benchmarks" will be closely related to the country, with the aim of improving the advanced quality of our products, the rationality of our structure and the type of energy conservation and Environmental Protection We will cooperate with domestic and foreign customers with high quality products and professional service to create brilliant future with the new technology, new technology and new equipment which meet the needs of customers.